RDFmapped project
Vitae Researcher Development Framework Mapped

A dynamic web application aiming to make the RDF dataset accessible, searchable, and convenient for researchers

Excel Extension project
Student Management Excel Extension

A student management Office 365 extension built via the Microsoft Office JavaScript API

Karma Volunteering project
Karma Volunteering

Responsible for server-side authentication and authorisation of users via serialised Encrypted JSON Web Tokens (JWE & JWT)

UHANS TWRP project

Team Win Recovery built for the UHANS S1 device allowing users to get rid off a pre-installed Trojan stealer

Chess Society project
KCL Chess Society

A dynamic website for the KCL Chess Society featuring tournament & event registration as well as user management

UHANS FreemeOS project

An AOSP-based Android OS of Chinese origin featuring Google Cloud Services and UI elements popular in the EEA