FreemeOS for UHANS EEA

About FreemeOS

Freeme OS is a deeply customized Android-based OS developed by Shanghai Droi Technology Co., Ltd, which focuses on a clean and modern interface with an Asian theme.

FreemeOS and UHANS

UHANS Mobile licensed FreemeOS for their second generation devices, namely U200, U200S and S1 and aimed to launch these devices with a modified version of the OS that supports Google Play Cloud as well as a number of regionally popular Android features.


I undertook an internship in the summer of 2016 as a Java Software Developer at the European Department of the Chinese smartphone company Uhans. In this role, my job was to work on the implementation and testing of regionally popular AOSP UI features in Freeme OS for the Uhans U200, U200S and S1 models, resulting in sales boosted by 16% in target region.

Main advancements

For the EEA version of FreemeOS, we implemented full Google Cloud support along with a default package of popular Google Apps, such as Gmail, Google Play Store and Chrome. Furthermore, version 6.1 included some pioneering features that later became standard for many other Android handsets. These include: scrolling full-screen screenshot, quick camera, flashlight gestures and many more.


• Google Cloud support
• popular GApps (GMail, Play Store, Chrome, YouTube, etc)
• scrolling full-screen screenshot
• quick camera, flashlight gestures
• double tap to wake & sleep
• clean stock AOSP-like experience
• various kernel improvements matching use with GCloud

Used technologies

Java, Shell, C, C++

Tags About Role Features Tech stack Date May - Sep 16