About RDFmapped

Researcher Development Framework Mapped

RDFmapped is based on a dataset which mapped Vitae’s Researcher Development Framework against LinkedIn Learning resources. This mapping was completed by LinkedIn Learning in collaboration with Vitae and was originally in spreadsheet form. The aim of the rdfmapped.com website is to make this dataset accessible, searchable and convenient for researchers.

Online learning material

RDFmapped features several advanced search options based on the Researcher Development Framework to provide researchers with a handy way of finding relevant online learning material. The courses & videos featured on RDFmapped are constantly being updated via the LinkedIn Learning API and users can also suggest relevant learning material that is automatically verified against the LinkedIn Learning database as well as the Vitae learning pathways.

'Suggested content' algorithm

RDFmapped uses its own unique algorithm to recommend further online courses to researchers by determining the relevant Vitae learning domain of the user. When a visitor checks out a recommended course, RDFmapped loads useful metadata from the LinkedIn Learning API so that the user can browse options without having to navigate away from the site.

Admin dashboard

RDFmapped also features a comprehensive admin dashboard, which is invisible to a regular user. Administrators of research institutions can, among other things, quickly edit the whole database of featured content, review user submissions and even edit static information, such as FAQ elements, without being required to have experience in programming.


I was responsible for the development, testing & deployment of the dynamic website whilst working as a software engineer at the Centre for Doctoral Studies, King's College London. The project is released under the MIT license while its web resources CC BY-NC 4.0. RDFmapped now operates as on open source project actively maintained and sponsored by King's College London.

Technical specifications

• CI with automatically deployed Jest: 99%+ test coverage
• HTTP Strict Transport Security HSTS preloaded
Google Chrome Lightouse 95+ score for all tests
• automatically deployed module documentation
• user authentication via Encrypted JWTs
• automatic updating of LinkedIn Learning API content
• eslint & Codacy metrics
• TLS v1.3, A+ SSL Labs rating
• content served through HTTP/2 via brotli
• automatic issue creation via GitHub API

Used technologies

NodeJS, PostgreSQL, REST, EJS, HTML, CSS, Nginx, AWS


Project links

• RDFmapped is Open Source, check it out on GitHub.
• View this project live at: https://rdfmapped.com.

Support RDFmapped

• To support this project financially please refer to the Sponsorship Information
• To submit content to be featured on the site, please use the Learning Object submission form.
• If you are interested in contributing code, please take a look at the Contribute section of the project readme.


• You can contact the administrators of the website via the contact form.

Development site

• Deployed development site: https://dev.rdfmapped.com
(this isn't the dev tree, it holds dev docs & test coverage)

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