About DTE Student Management Extension

Excel JavaScript Extension for DTE Student Management Database

The DTE Student Management Extension is a lightweight Office 365 Excel extension which provides a lightning fast user friendly interface for administering records in the DTE Student Management Database.


There has been a need for a central database for recording doctoral training partnership student records as the overall size of data has been increasing considerably and additionally the type of many data elements became three-dimensional. However, many DTP administrators have a strong preference for using native Excel applications rather than more complex database management apps that would support 3D data structures.

NoSQL Doctoral Training Partnership Database

As part of this project, I have developed a NoSQL database with a strongly typed interface to accommodate and centralise the various smaller databases and Excel tables. The database supports variable-type declaration, field description, data validation rules, field grouping and many more.

Comprehensive student record history

The database is designed to hold a full record history of all administered students: For any newly added or changed values, the date and the username of the administrator are recorded. This provides a practical interface where a student's history can be easily tracked throughout the duration of their studentship. Furthermore, in case of any errors, there is a simple option to roll back to a previous value.

Record lookup

A core feature of the application is how quickly and easily an individual or an entire list of students can be looked up. The application supports predictive search by a select number of identifiers or the name of the student(s). Moreover, access times are constant with only O(1) time being required to retrieve a student record.


I am responsible for the design, development and testing of the JavaScript Office Add-in as part of my software engineering work at the Centre for Doctoral Studies, King's College London. The project is closed-source, Copyright © 2020 Doctoral Training Partnerships, King's College London.

Technical specifications

• NoSQL database
• constant O(1) record retrieval
• predictive search
• supports Excel Online
• SharePoint Online integrated
• supports batch uploads/updates
• quick export of GDPR compliant archives

Used technologies

NodeJS, TypeScript, Microsoft Office 365 JavaScript API

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