KCL Chess Society dynamic website

The KCL Chess Society dynamic website features news, event and tournament registration as well as member management. It was built as part of my 2nd Year BSc Software Engineering Project as a full-stack web application.

Design & development

The task required us to follow comprehensive software engineering design methodologies as well as programming design patterns. For the task, a list of user stories and internal design choices were provided, while execution was expected to be done by the student. Marks were awarded for functionality and code quality in equal proportions.

Core requirements

The site was required to act as a fully functional replacement for the King's College London Chess Society and ultimately had to feature sections with different access rights. The site needed to feature public-facing pages with a promotional purpose as well as an internal members area for event organisation and member management.

Member hierarchy

The site was also required to distinguish between and fully support members with different priviliges, such as officers, organisers, regular members and visitors. This required a hierarchical database structure as well as authentication and authorisation requests.


We were tasked with building a comprehensive, full-stack dynamic website on the LAMP stack as part of our 2nd Year BSc Computer Science programme at King's College London. I was relatively new to using PHP for backend, so the task required both research and execution from my end. Ultimately, I ended up scoring 90% on the assignment.


• public-facing pages & internal members area
• responsive design
• event & tournament organisation
• tournament administration
• chess ELO computation & roles
• member management (for admins)
• publication of news items

LAMP Stack

Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP

Tags About Role Features Tech stack Date Nov - Dec 19