King's College London Centre for Doctoral Studies

Software Engineer

• Developed, tested & deployed the RDFmapped website using NodeJS & Express
• Built a student management Office 365 extension via the Office JavaScript API
• Responsible for automating various internal workflows via Microsoft Graph

Oct 2019 - Present

King's College London Centre for Research Staff Development

Data Analyst

• Implemented an automated analysis tool for the Careers in Research Online Survey
• Responsible for VB .NET development & design documentation

Aug 2019 - Oct 2019

The New York Academy of Sciences

Junior Researcher

• Lead international project Novus aer to develop a smart grid system capable of reducing inefficient electricity consumption and thus CO2 emissions
• Developed C++ algorithm for monitoring energy usage of always-on appliances
• Responsible for building project website to coordinate publicity of project

Sep 2016 - Aug 2018

Uhans Hungary - UHANS Mobile

Java Developer Internship

• Responsible for implementing and testing popular AOSP UI features in FreemeOS
• Discovered a disguised credential-stealer Trojan Agent on an upcoming firmware
• Built TWRP for the S1 model and released source on XDA Developers and Github
• Assisted users in malware removal and received kudos from over a dozen owners

May 2016 - Sep 2016

TAP Budapest - Tailored Android Phones


• Set up a small business aimed at making users’ smartphones more efficient
• Built custom operating systems tailored to clients' liking based on the AOSP
• Provided ongoing support for 20+ satisfied customers

Sep 2015 - May 2016